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Permanent Makeup

Starkey Medical Esthetics

Michele Meinhart, FNP

Aesthetics & Dermatology located in Salem, VA

Applying your makeup in the morning is a time-consuming and fiddly task, and if you wish there were a better way to start the day, permanent makeup is exactly what you need. In the hands of expert estheticians like Michele Meinhart, FNP, and her team at Starkey Medical Esthetics, permanent makeup can transform your life, freeing up precious time and helping you look your best every day. Find out more about the advantages of permanent makeup by calling the clinic today or booking an appointment online.

Permanent Makeup Q & A

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a method of implanting pigments into your skin in much the same way as a tattoo. The permanent makeup defines your facial features or disguises imperfections and skin conditions, so you don’t have to apply makeup to the same extent as before the procedure.

Permanent makeup isn’t designed to remove the need to apply the makeup touches that you may change from day to day, such as eyeshadow. Apart from limiting your choice of colors and designs, a permanent eyeshadow could become dated after a while, so permanent makeup is more about subtlety and a natural-looking result.

Where can permanent makeup be applied?

You can apply permanent makeup to any area of skin, but it’s most commonly used to enhance natural features, such as lips, eyebrows, and the eyelash line. It’s also used to disguise stretch marks and scarring and can be useful for clients with medical conditions such as vitiligo, cleft lip, and alopecia.

What are the advantages of permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a genuine time saver, alleviating you from the daily task of applying the basics in your makeup routine. If you no longer have to apply lip or eyeliner, you save precious minutes every day. You can also be confident that the permanent elements of your makeup always look immaculate, without your needing to lift a finger.

Permanent makeup is an excellent option for anyone who isn’t confident of their skills in applying makeup, as you know you look perfect and no longer have to worry about getting it right yourself. Permanent makeup is also highly beneficial for women with physical impairments that cause them problems with applying makeup, for example after a stroke, and for people who are allergic to the ingredients in standard makeup.

Are there any side effects of having permanent makeup?

You have a local anesthetic before treatment that ensures you don’t feel pain during the procedure. However, the technique used to apply permanent makeup is a precision form of tattooing, so you may experience some mild discomfort afterward.

You should only ever use qualified estheticians who work with medical professionals, like the team at Starkey Medical Esthetics. By using certified, highly skilled practitioners, you can ensure the optimum combination of medical expertise and makeup application skills.

Call the clinic today to discuss the benefits of permanent makeup, or simply book an appointment online.