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3 Skin Concerns Morpheus 8 Can Treat

3 Skin Concerns Morpheus 8 Can Treat

When it comes to rejuvenating aging skin, researchers are always seeking the ideal combination of techniques to help skin look and feel smoother, firmer, and more youthful. With Morpheus8®, that perfect combination is here.

Women and men in Salem, Virginia, can reap the benefits of Morpheus8 treatment by scheduling a visit with Michele Meinhart, FNP, and the team at Starkey Medical Esthetics. Here’s how Morpheus8 works and three ways this innovative system could help you.

RF energy and microneedling: The perfect couple

Morpheus8 combines the rejuvenating effects of microneedling with the collagen-remodeling power of radiofrequency (RF) energy in one, state-of-the-art system. The result is a unique combination that delivers a double-whammy to skin aging. 

RF energy

RF energy treatments help rejuvenate skin in a couple of ways. The energy is delivered in measured bursts that target tissue layers where skin damage occurs.

Each burst of energy stimulates natural healing responses in your skin, including production of collagen, the protein that helps youthful skin look and feel smooth and firm. As we age, collagen production declines, paving the way for sagging, lines, and wrinkles. 

By ramping up collagen development, your skin can form new supportive networks to restore the skin’s youthful look and feel. Plus, the gentle heat of RF energy helps tighten skin and shrink cells that drag skin down and contribute to sagging.


Microneedling is another time-tested solution for aging skin. The microneedling device is studded with very small, thin needles that penetrate skin’s upper layers. Like RF energy, microneedling creates areas of controlled damage that stimulate healing and ramp up collagen production.

Morpheus8 takes microneedling one step further. Though RF treatments typically are delivered through the surface of the skin, Morpheus8 uses the tiny microneedles to deliver that energy to deeper layers of tissue — layers where damage is rooted. As a result, the benefits of each separate treatment — microneedling and RF energy — are enhanced for more effective collagen remodeling and better results overall.

Treat these three issues with Morpheus8

Morpheus8 can be used for lots of complexion concerns. Here are three of the most popular targets.

Fine lines and wrinkles

The sun’s UV radiation doesn’t just cause sunburns — it damages collagen fibers, too. In fact, most of the fine lines and wrinkles we develop are caused by sun exposure (an effect called photoaging). By promoting collagen development, Morpheu8 can help “undo” some of the damage associated with photoaging.

Sagging skin

UV radiation is one cause of collagen damage. Age-related changes are another. Even illnesses, chronic stress, and genetics can contribute to a loss of facial volume and — yes — sagging, especially in the cheeks and jowls. Once again, the collagen-regeneration benefits of Morpheus8 help by rebuilding collagen networks, naturally supporting skin, so it looks and feels firmer and uplifted.

Scars — yes, even acne scars

Scars form as part of skin’s natural healing process. After an injury (including acne infections), your skin lays down extra layers of collagen fibers to rebuild damaged tissue. These particular collagen fibers are deposited in a pattern that makes them tougher than the surrounding tissue, leaving visible scars. Morpheus8’s microneedling breaks down tough fibers, while RF energy promotes skin remodeling, reducing the appearance of scars and helping skin look smoother.

Get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions

Why not make 2023 the year of more beautiful skin — and greater confidence, too? Scheduling a Morpheus8 treatment now gives your skin a chance to start the remodeling process before the new year even begins, and you can enjoy the benefits during the holidays, too.

To learn more about Morpheus8, call 540-389-0909, or book an appointment online at Starkey Medical Esthetics today.

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