5 Tips to Protect Your Skin This Summer

The warm, bright summer sun is a welcome change after a gray, cold winter. But as wonderful as that sunshine feels on your skin, it can also cause a lot of damage — including speeding up those signs of aging we’d rather avoid.

At Starkey Medical Esthetics, Michele Meinhart, FNP, helps her patients take important steps to protect their skin and keep it healthy every season of the year. Here are five steps you can take to help your skin look its best this summer.

Wear sunscreen every day

Yes, wear it even when it’s rainy and cloudy, and even if you don’t plan on spending much time outside. Not only can too much sun increase your risk of skin cancer, but it also causes as much as 90% of photoaging, including those pesky wrinkles, lines, and texture changes. To get the best protection, choose a sunscreen that:

Reapply sunscreen every two hours to provide continual protection and more often if you’ve been sweating or you’ve been in the water.

Keep your skin covered

Summer fashions bare a lot of skin, but in order to make sure your skin always looks its sexiest, you need to know when to cover up. Wearing a lightweight, long-sleeved shirt or coverup when you’re in direct sun provides another important layer of protection to your skin. Add a brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect your ears, neck, and eyes, and your skin will thank you — now and as you get older.

Avoid midday sun

If possible, avoid being outdoors between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm. This is when the sun’s rays are most direct, and that means it’s also when UV rays are at their strongest. If you need to be outdoors during these hours, stick to the shade.

Stay hydrated

Moisturizing your skin from the outside is great, but to keep skin really healthy, it needs moisture from the inside, too. Water is the ideal drink to replenish your skin’s natural moisture, but other drinks — even popsicles — count, too. Avoid sugary drinks and anything with artificial colors or added flavors, which may contain chemicals harmful to skin health.

Consider a summertime facial

Facial treatments are a great way to keep your skin healthy. Starkey Medical Esthetics offers an array of facials to give your skin the care and pampering it needs to ward off sun damage and look its best. During your visit, you’ll also learn about products and care routines based on your skin type and other unique factors, so you can help your skin stay healthy and fresh-looking throughout the hottest months of summer.

Custom skincare based on your unique needs

As your largest organ, your skin plays a vital role protecting the rest of your body. Getting professional care for your skin on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin healthy, especially as you get older. Call our office, or book an appointment online, and let our team create a skincare routine that’s just right for you.

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