You Don't Have to Live With Acne — Here's How to Get Rid of It

Acne is a chronic skin condition, but you don’t have to accept it as part of your life — at any age. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, it can be extremely frustrating living with pimples nearly every day of your life. Let’s face it: For many women, men, and adolescents, acne can negatively affect both your personal and professional life. 

If you’ve tried home remedies, including over-the-counter cleansers and spot treatments, or you’ve even gone for the high-end solutions but you’re still dealing with acne, it’s time to seek professional help. Here at Starkey Medical Esthetics, in Salem, Virginia, we understand acne. Our founder and dermatology specialist, Michele Meinhart, FNP, has the experience and an extensive network of expert dermatologists to help you get rid of your acne so you can focus on your life instead of your pimples. 

Our skilled esthetics team is known for its expertise in treating acne with a variety of noninvasive, non-pharmaceutical solutions, as well. Together, we create a treatment plan just for you to help you move beyond the problem and get on with your life.

Acne causes and triggers

Acne is the result of excess oil production and clogged hair follicles. Bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells collect in your hair follicles and form pimples. Stress, hormones, and certain medications can also contribute to chronic acne. 

Studies also indicate that a diet high in dairy and carbohydrate-rich foods may worsen acne. Your diet won’t cause acne, but it can make it harder to get rid of. Other risk factors for acne include:

Surprisingly, eating greasy foods has little effect on your acne problem, and you don’t have acne simply because your skin is dirty. Contrarily, if you scrub your face too hard or cleanse with harsh soaps, you can actually irritate and inflame your skin, which makes acne worse. 

Don’t let acne simply run its course

As the most common skin condition in the United States, acne is also surrounded by myths. For example, it’s not true that you have to let it “run its course.” 

Without treatment, acne can lead to emotional stress, low self-esteem, and unattractive scars that become a permanent part of your appearance. The sooner you seek treatment for acne, the fewer long-term problems you’re likely to experience, both physically and emotionally. 

Effective acne treatments

There are many different ways to treat acne and get rid of recurring pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. First, Michele examines your skin to determine the type of acne you have and the most effective ways to treat it. She may recommend a combination of acne treatments, including:

Michele and her medical esthetics team also offer 100% organic micro-needling facials to help heal your skin from the inside, without the use of unnatural substances. The Starkey Medical Esthetics professionals take the time to see which approaches work best for you so you can finally be rid of acne — and all the emotional and physical scars that go with it — long term. 

Take the first step toward living a life without the visible and invisible effects of acne. Give our office a call at 540-215-0179 to book an appointment, or request a consultation online.

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